We are thankful for the generous donation from Britacel Silicones Ltd.

The ambulance at Vanbandhu Arogya Dham was only being used to transport patients who needed to be shifted to better equipped hospitals. Often critical cases need to be taken to other cities, several kilometers away to provide the best possible treatment available.

Due to the generous and timely CSR donation from Britacel Silicones Ltd. we were able to upgrade the ambulance and fit it with various life support and emergency equipment. We can now use the ambulance to transport patients without having to worry too much about complications on the way.

Vanbandhu Arogya Dham is now equipped with an ambulance that can save more lives.  All thanks to Britacel Silicones Ltd.


It would be immensely better if we didn’t have to transport the patients who need critical care. So we ask for your help in completing the construction and equipping our multi-speciality hospital with all the necessary tools and people to treat critical emergency patients right here in Dang. To help us you can contact us or visit our donations page.