Bringing back Urmilaben's lost smile

Urmilaben first visited the Dental Clinic in 2016 as a 47-year-old woman who had lost all her teeth due to lack of proper dental hygiene. At the time, she could not eat any solid foods or speak properly because of her condition. As a last resort to improve her quality of life, Urmilaben came to the clinic to seek proper treatment and find a solution to her problem.

When Urmilaben was screened at the dental clinic she was missing all of her teeth and was physically very weak from lack of proper nutrition. The trust decided to take on her case and restore her teeth through dental implants. Initially, Urmilaben and her family were hesitant to go through with the treatment but upon confirmation that all costs would be covered by the Trust, they decided to proceed.

About 20 implants were surgically placed for Urmilaben over a period of time, and she was subsequently restored back to a full mouth of teeth. This procedure changed Urmilaben’s life. She was now able to eat solid foods and communicate well with her friends and family. Now she is able to eat properly and take care of her family without any issues.

Today, Urmilaben is living a healthy and normal life and has become more involved in helping the clinic. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to change Urmilaben’s life for the better and we are excited to see what she will accomplish as a productive member of society.