2018 Camp

During December 10-17, 2018, a medical team of 53 members, including faculties, residents, interns and medical students from NSU, Florida, USA, provided medical and dental care to over 1200 patients. The camp was organized by KJP Charitable Trust at the healthcare facility in Ahwa, Dang, India, along with seven local specialist doctors from nearby cities and the USA, bringing the total to 60 team members. The facility is now named as Dr. Kiran C. Patel Multi-Specialty Hospital. All 60 members of the team stayed at the project site for the entire week, as the residential facilities were already completed and fully functional.
The patients who attended the camp varied from children to the elderly, who had been unable to receive proper care in Dang and surrounding areas. Out of over 1200 patients, some were screened and transported to the local hospitals for surgical procedures. A life-saving amputation surgery was performed on a 10 year old boy with an aggressive form of gangrene in his right foot. Sunil’s Story

Many problems the patients exhibited could have been prevented or treated if there were an accessible and affordable healthcare facility in their local areas. This is one reason a permanent healthcare facility is being built with the active participation of foreign doctors, donors, and funding from the Richard Condorelli Memorial Foundation, and Dr. Kiran C. Patel of Tampa, FL, USA. The facility, when fully functional, will strive to make improvements in the healthcare indices of the entire tribal population of Dang, and surrounding areas.
There was an active and noticeable presence of faculties and students from the NSU School of Public Health. They carried out a wide range of projects related to healthcare needs of the tribal populations, as well as possible solutions. The results of their mini-projects were presented in a function organized by NSU; with very encouraging promises for the 2019 Camp.
The members of the medical team had an extremely gratifying experience for their much-needed help to many needy tribal patients of the area. All patients appreciated the team’s sincere interest in their healthcare needs and the compassion they rendered to all. The team members enjoyed other sight-seeing activities, including the incredible experience of paragliding, camel rides, etc, as well as a visit to explore the city of Mumbai.